517 Washington St., Hoboken NJ, 07030 (201) 659-6560




Loyalty. Honesty. Consistency.

Great food begins with great passion. We care about who we are, what we stand for, and the quality we deliver. We were started up at a time when ‘fresh’ wasn’t yet a trend, social media didn’t rule our lives, and word of mouth was golden. Traditional to the core, our growing team is loyal to their work, honest in their dealings, and consist in their execution. We are Team Flatbread. And we’re here to lovingly serve.


Family is our life. Food is our passion.

Flatbread Grill was founded by three sisters with humble beginnings. Growing up in poverty and being raised by immigrant parents taught the sisters hard work and dedication. The sisters founded Flatbread Grill in 2007 as a means to afford health insurance for their sick father. The young women conceived the menu, designed the interiors, and developed store operations. Dedicating themselves to their restaurant and delivering great food at prices anyone can afford drove Flatbread’s success through a tough recession. A decade later and more stores are on the way.



We’re real here.

From homemade, specialty breads, to all of our grilled selections- we infuse it all with love. Our chicken is hormone-free, all white meat. Our breads are vegan and free of dough conditioners, artificial flavors, and preservatives. We do not add flour to our falafel or dairy to our hummus. There is no butter or chicken stock in our rice. Our whole grain staples like red lentil soup and cracked wheat don’t contain additives. We keep it pure and simple.