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Our Flatbread Grill® story is rooted in family, integrity, perseverance and passion. Flatbread Grill® was born in 2007 when three sisters came together to share their love of Mediterranean food with the world. Having grown up in poverty, the sisters dedicated themselves to developing a business out of love and loyalty that could support their family. The sisters’ dedication to excellence, freshness and comfort drove Flatbread Grill® through one of the biggest recessions in American history. The sisters’ vision and passion as they grow Flatbread Grill® worldwide is to always serve great food in a warm, casual environment where friends and families can get together.

At Flatbread Grill®, we use only the highest quality ingredients to prepare great tasting food at an affordable price. From original, homemade and artificial free bread baked daily on premises, to all white meat chicken with no hormones and fresh produce- Flatbread Grill®’s food is freshness you can taste and quality you can trust. No shortcuts. No flavor fillers. Just good food that tastes great and is healthy enough to eat everyday.

Our Montclair Location Founded In 2007

More than just great, specialty breads- Flatbread Grill® is a fresh casual, Mediterranean grill with something delicious for everyone. With an extensive selection of freshly prepared items, from the homemade breads to all of the grilled selections, great pride is taken in producing quality and freshness you can taste. The bread is derived from original recipes and specially crafted on premises by an experienced baker every morning and then again in the evening. No leftovers. No bread deliveries. Just whole natural goodness teamed up with friendly, welcoming service at a place that feels a lot like home. Flatbread Grill was dedicated to an absolutely fresh experience before it became trendy and it will always stay committed to that philosophy.

For more press about Flatbread Grill®, including our reviews in the New York Times and Star-Ledger, please check out our press room!


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