Flatbread Grill® features specialty breads derived from traditional recipes and baked fresh daily on premises. All of our bread selections are currently vegan and free of artificial flavors.

The art of baking by hand requires focus, skill, and passion. Our flatbreads have been hand baked and prepared in small batches since 2007. A dedicated task that has taken hours upon hours, our hand baking strategy has contributed to our breads’ popularity. Each bread is hand shaped and formed by human hands every single day. We take great pride in our small batch, hand baked efforts. It ensures freshness and quality.

Baking Hands Flatbread Grill

Thumb Bread


THUMB BREAD® is a proprietary, artisanal bread created by the Esendemir Sisters, founders of Flatbread Grill®. Being our thickest bread, THUMB BREAD® is currently baked in two different varieties: ORIGINAL THUMB BREAD® and ROSEMARY GARLIC THUMB®, as well as seasonal flavors like EVERYTHING THUMB BREAD® and ASIAGO CHEESE THUMB BREAD®. This bread is served alongside our gourmet salads and soups, as well as used to make our signature flat melts. Over the past few years, Flatbread Grill’s THUMB BREAD® has inspired many imitations, but the recipe used still remains exclusive and proprietary.


Derived through the fusion of an original recipe and traditional recipes, Flatbread Grill®’s PIATTA BREAD is a specialty pita bread designed to hold an ample amount of filings. Slightly fluffier, much more moist, and definitely more flavorful than packaged pita, our PIATTA BREAD currently comes in two varieties: ORIGINAL PIATTA and WHOLE WHEAT PIATTA, with seasonal flavors, including our exclusive TOMATO BASIL PIATTA flavor. Our pita pocket sandwiches all feature our signature PIATTA bread in your choice of flavor.

Piatta Bread Flatbread Grill