Our Flatbreads

Flatbread Grill features specialty breads derived from traditional recipes and baked fresh daily on premises. All of our bread selections are currently vegan and free of artificial flavors.

Flatbreads are traditional, versatile breads that are unleavened or leavened less heavily than other types of breads. Dating back to almost 6,000 years ago, flatbreads are considered the world’s very first type of bread. Traditional flatbreads are baked and used across various different cultures in different forms. These types of breads can be completely flat, or layered, depending on its purpose. Flatbread Grill serves both flat and multi-layered flatbreads that are specially paired with our menu items. Flatbread Grill’s specialty breads are derived from traditional Mediterranean recipes and customized to be exceptionally tasty and hearty, without the yeast or calorie content of regular breads. The dough is prepared, proofed and rolled out in our kitchen every single day, where a baker’s touch forms all of the breads individually by hand.


There’s no doubt that bread is a special part of life on earth. It nourishes the hungry and brings together families and friends across the world. Many people choose flatbreads over typical sandwich breads like baguettes and rolls because they are prepared without the heavy use of chemicals, yeast and other types of ingredients that are injected into breads to get them to rise and be as fluffy as possible, while maintaining the moisture levels. Flatbreads are also naturally lower in calories, sugar and sodium. Unlike packaged breads, Flatbread Grill’s breads are free of artificial flavors. We take pride in serving flatbreads made with simple, wholesome ingredients. We keep our ingredients simple and clean- no unnecessary sugar, salt, or additives are used for our flatbreads. We offer different varieties and flavors of flatbreads, some of which are served on a seasonal basis and some of which are proprietary to us. When Flatbread Grill was founded in 2007, flatbreads were still very much an overlooked type of bread. Over the course of time, flatbreads gained popularity as more consumers sought out healthier food options. Our commitment to this unique bread category never changed or wavered with food ‘trends’. Our recipes are still unique, simple, and created with love. 


An original name and a modified recipe developed exclusively by Flatbread Grill, THUMB BREAD®, was inspired by traditional Turkish bread known as tirnakli pide. Being our thickest bread, THUMB BREAD® is currently baked in two different varieties: THUMB BREAD® and ROSEMARY GARLIC THUMB®, as well as seasonal flavors. This bread is served alongside our gourmet salads and soups, as well as used to make our signature flat melts. Over the past few years, Flatbread Grill’s THUMB BREAD® has inspired many imitations, but the recipe used still remains proprietary.

Derived through the fusion of an original recipe and traditional recipes, Flatbread Grill’s PIATTA BREAD is a specialty pita bread designed to hold an ample amount of filings. Slightly fluffier, much more moist, and definitely more flavorful than bland packaged pita, our PIATTA BREAD currently comes in two varieties: ORIGINAL PIATTA and WHOLE WHEAT PIATTA, with seasonal flavors, including our exclusive TOMATO BASIL PIATTA flavor. Our pita pocket sandwiches all feature our signature PIATTA bread in your choice of flavor.

Historically, lavash was one of the very first breads prepared by humans. LAVASH BREAD was created in the Middle East before spreading across the globe. Flatbread Grill’s LAVASH BREAD recipe is simple, moist, and versatile. Used to previously prepare our FLAT WRAPS and some of our FLAT MELTS, our lavash comes in three deliciously full flavors: ORIGINAL, TOMATO BASIL, and HONEY WHOLE WHEAT. The LAVASH BREAD, being one of our flattest breads, resembles a tortilla, but has a much more delicate texture. Currently, our LAVASH BREAD is only available on our forthcoming pop-up and breakfast menu. Flatbread Grill will re-introduce it seasonally and for specialty menu items.


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