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Our elite kitchen staff is tasked with the important responsibility of preparing, cooking, and plating all of our menu items. From preparing sandwiches, to cooking soups, to tossing salads, and grilling meat, our elite kitchen family members must do it all. These are the family members who cook, sauté, roast, cut, chop, slice, grill, fry, prep, and toss with exceptional dedication, focus, and culinary excellence. These elite kitchen staff members are willing to learn new skills, understand food safety, and are willing to withstand the heat of a commercial kitchen in order to express their culinary creativity with our guests.


– Strong willingness to learn, understand, and appreciate our menu, history, and brand
– Ability to master our entire menu from prep work stage to plate
– Willingness to work a convection oven, grill, fryer, and open flame range
– Understanding of food preparation times
– Ability to calmly work in a team-oriented, fast-paced environment
– Ability to work well under pressure
– Willingness to represent our brand identity at all times with integrity
– Maintain high standards of cleanliness, safety, and excellence at all times

– Ability and willingness to multi-task, stay organized, and learn new skills as needed
– Previous food service experience working in a commercial kitchen required
– Ability to socialize and interact with different types of people from all walks of life

– Willingness to follow and understand our Flatbread Family Code of Ethics & Values
– Appreciation for food and culinary exploration


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