Flatbread Grill’s Sustainability Mission


Sustainability is something we at Flatbread Grill have truly become focused on over the past few years. We have consistently racked our brains and researched our options when it comes to sustainability. Our Hoboken store is being built with reclaimed wood and recycled materials wherever possible. It is our duty as citizens of this beautiful planet to take sustainability seriously. We are committed to utilizing  disposables wherever we can that are compostable and paper-free as part of our sustainability mission. As Flatbread Grill continues to grow, we hope to strengthen our sustainability efforts and work towards stores that are 100% sustainable. It is no easy mission, but it is one we at Flatbread Grill are committed to for the long haul. It is also a mission we hope more businesses will follow as it’s good for the communities we serve and the world we all must share.



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