Get Catered Too. Our catering options are perfect for lunch, dinner, office parties, and small gatherings. Whether you need it prepared ready-to-serve, delivered straight to your door, or even set-up, we do our very best to accommodate your request.

Utensils, napkins, cups, serve ware, and condiments, are provided free of charge. Catering orders should be placed 48 hours in advance. Delivery is available for a fee. Selection sizes are suggested for groups of 10 per order. Our catering selections are prepared, packaged, and labeled for convenience. Please note that our prices reflect these charges accordingly. We do not offer discounts to our catering packages.

PitaPocket Tray

Choose two kinds of pita pockets individually and conveniently wrapped in 20 halves. All pita pockets served with romaine lettuce and shepherd salad inside. Sauce is served on the side. Pita pocket trays are also available as a ‘create your own’ with the bread, fillings, and sauces on the side.

Choose Original or Whole Wheat Piatta

– Beef Kofta
– Mediterranean Chicken
– Chicken Hummus
– Falafel
– Gyro
– Chicken Caesar
– Veggie Mix

Choose Two Sauces: Yogurt-Cucumber, Red Hot, or Green Tahini

FlatMelt Tray

Choose two kinds of flat melts individually and conveniently wrapped in 20 halves. Flat melts may be made vegetarian by omitting meat ingredients.

– Avocado Ranch Chicken
– Chicken Chipotle
– Chicken Pesto
– Cheesesteak
– BBQ Chicken
– Deluxe Grilled Cheese
– Toasted Hummus Veggie
– Mozzarella Tomato

Don’t forget to add a side!

GourmetSalad Tray

A fresh selection of our gourmet salads served with dressing on the side.

– Caesar
– Garden
– Goat Cheese
– Greek
– Mediterranean
– Shepherd
– Turkish Cobb

Add protein to any salad:
– Beef Kofta
– Gyro
– Falafel
– Mediterranean Chicken

Flat-TopPlatter Tray

Choose one from each category to create a tasty, fresh, and healthy Mediterranean meal sure to please all your guests. Salad, sauce, and bread served on the side.

Choose a Protein or Veggie Below
– Chicken
– Beef
– Falafel
– Gyro

Choose A Rice
– Cracked Wheat
– White Rice

Choose A Salad
– Chickpea
– Garden
– Shepherd
– Quinoa (Extra Charge)

Choose A Bread
– Original Piatta
– Whole Wheat Piatta
– Original Thumb Bread®
– Rosemary Garlic Thumb Bread® (Extra Charge)

Choose Two Sauces
– Green Tahini
– Red Hot
– Yogurt-Cucumber


Add more variety to any catering menu selection with these classic side options.

– French Fry Tray
– Falafel Pieces (15)
– Hummus Bowl
– White Rice Tray
– Cracked Wheat Rice Tray
– Assorted Bread Tray
– Red Lentil Soup Bowl
– Extra Veggies
– Extra Sauce